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Stapled Notebook - Rite in the Rain - 351FX

Stapled Notebook - Rite in the Rain - 351FX

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The University of Washington Biology Department is home to a 40-year catalog of field data on Magellenic penguins - all within Rite in the Rain staple-bound notebooks. UW trusts only Rite in the Rain to protect this data from the rigors of field work, Mother Nature, and Father Time.

The Rite in the Rain Staple-Bound Notebook is compact, flexible enough to slip into a pocket, and its durable cover defends against weather and wear. The patented paper is water-resistant, archival-grade, and available page patterns are optimized for your data collection.

This is a notebook that can be brought anywhere and survive any weather. At only a few bucks a notebook, it protects your wallet from damage, too.

Sold in Packs of Three!

Overall Size:4 5/8" x 7

Cover Color:yellow

Cover Material:field-flex

Binding:side stapled

Paper Color:whiteNumber of Pages:48 (numbered)

Number of Sheets:24

Weight:0.56 lbs (3-pack)